About us



100% made in ito-gaku に、こだわり


We have made the pleasant scenery using a plant and a flower for years.
We will imagine one of all manufacturing and produce under one roof using the experiences.
I'm particular about 100% made in ito-gaku.
We hope that the items we make here you love for long time.

<Our History>



1987〜2019年 : お店、個人とも多くのメディアに取り上げられ主にNHK趣味の園芸では講師を務める。


2020年〜:ライフスタイルで楽しんでいるclassic miniにまつわるアイテムの製作と販売を展開。


1987〜2000:We started a plant and flower shop「 kunugi-ya」.It has been begun to make more room in life.

2001〜2019: We have begun new business the garden design. We made various things which accompanies landscape and produced a lot of nice gardens.

1987〜2019: Featured in many media, both shops and individuals, and mainly serves as a lecturer in NHK's hobby gardening.

2018〜:We started new brand 「 Ito-gaku」.We make bags and accessories using canvas fabric and leather.

2020〜:We will make the items which concerns classic mini which we enjoy life style.

2021〜:Based on the experience of camping that we have enjoyed for many years, we develop and sell unique items that can only be done by a small atelier.